Choosing A Good Hosting Company

It isn’t always easy to choose the right host for your WordPress site and it you have no idea of where to even begin then it’s going to be even harder.

There are several factors that you need to take into consideration before making your decision.

Your Website Requirements

There are some questions you must answer:

  • How much traffic does your website get and how much do you expect it to increase by?
  • How scalable should your hosting provider be?
  • Should the host be developer-friendly?
  • What is your budget?

Hosting Service Features

Once you have the answers to those questions you can turn your attention to the hosting service itself. These are the features you need to consider:


You can only guarantee a good service if you have the right hardware to back it up, such as CPU, RAM and disk space. How the CPU and RAM are used is going to depend entirely on the type of website you have and how many visitors you get.

For example, if your website content is of the viral type then an average hosting plan isn’t going to work. All it will do is slow things down and may even go offline.

Disk space isn’t all that important either; many top hosting services provide unlimited disk space. What is important is transfer speed so look for a host that can ensure low data transfer times for your site, regardless of loading.


This will depend on how well you know your way around the hosting solutions. For example, if you are well versed in WordPress installation, security, migration, site backup, caching and restoration then support isn’t such a big issue.

However, even if you are expert, there is always one thing that will mess up everything, so you need a hosting provider who offers decent support levels, including live chat, email, telephone, forums and a system of support tickets.


Most of the hosting services will offer uptime of 99.5% or more. However, although at 0.1% may not seem great, if it is going to have a significant impact on income for you then it is important.

That said, most web hosting providers have got great uptimes with no trouble at all.

Different Hosting Types

There are four types of web hosting to choose from for a WordPress site:

  • Shared
  • VPS – Virtual Private Server
  • Dedicated
  • Managed

Shared Hosting

The cheapest, the least flexible and the least configurable. Shared hosting works on the premise that lower amounts of traffic require less in the way of server resources, so your website gets combined with many more on one server, sharing processing power, disk space and memory.

This may be fine but if the server overloads, every website on it slows down. At this point, you will likely be asked to upgrade if increased traffic to your site is what caused the slowdown.

VPS Hosting

With this type of hosting, you don’t get all the resources of the server. Instead, that server gets partitioned depending on your requirements.

You get a set amount of disk space, CPU and RAM, you get root access and you may make modifications to any server components related to performance – provided you know what you are doing, of course.

These are flexible plans with flexible hardware and you pay for what you use. Plus, you don’t get the slowdowns with server overload provided you make sure the resources are available.

Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting you lease a server just for your website. The memory, the disk space and the processing power of that server are all yours, meaning your website is not likely to slow down.

However, these options are generally more expensive, and you only require this type of hosting if you get massive amounts of traffic to your website.

Managed WordPress Hosting

The best option for most users, because you don’t need any technical knowledge. Everything is done by the host and you can concentrate on your website.

Even if you forget to optimize your site, the host will cache the website on a regular basis for you. They also scan it for malware, fix any security issues and update your plugins and themes, as well backing up daily.

If your website goes down, they will restore it for you and they offer 24/7 support.

The Best of the Managed WordPress Hosting Options

Managed WordPress hosting is the best option for any type of website and there are two that you should make your choice from:


WPEngine were responsible for introducing managed WordPress hosting and they offer a top level of support. They will:

  • Back up daily
  • Run malware scans
  • Provide single-click restoration
  • Enable CDNs for speedy loading of content
  • Offer high security by enabling SSL on all sites and a firewall

They use EverCache, proprietary architecture for WordPress, ensuring that your website scales with no issues and can handle high traffic spikes.

There are three servers to choose from – London, America, Tokyo.

Prices start as low as $29 per month and every plan offers a full 60-day money-back guarantee.

With more than 30,000 websites in more than 120 countries, WPEngine’s service speaks for itself.


StudioPress is another fantastic hosting provider for WordPress websites, not least because they offer amazing speeds and, no matter what level your traffic rises to, downtime is extremely rare.

The back-end is one of the easiest to use and they offer round-the-clock support with friendly, helpful staff who know exactly what they are talking about. With prices starting at just $24 per month, every plan gets more than 20 premium themes completely free